Amongst the many nuisances and delights of architecture; college, rather, this school teaches you to juggle between the busy schedules, procrastinate, survive sleepless nights and face the bust myths about the much dreaded outside world leaving no scope for one’s passion and dreams. Previously opened doors begin to shut and soon like many others, we too, become ordinary: run of the mills.

Life is not just about the milestones that are to be achieved but also about the quality of the journey till there. We figured a little help wouldn’t hurt to achieve the same and thus, here we are, for your aide. ASSA gives all the sports lovers a platform to build, nurture and develop what drives them crazy, what makes this journey worth all the extra efforts and makes this schooling life a bundle of memories, team work and most importantly inculcates the spirit of sportsmanship.

ASSA is Architecture Students’ Sports Arena started by a group of students of Rachana Sansad’s Academy of Architecture, Prabhadevi.

This committee started in 2016 conducts a series of sports events:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Rink Football
  • Table Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Badminton
  • Carom
  • Chess.

ASSA provides an idealistic platform for all students of architecture colleges in Mumbai and Pune (17 colleges being a part of the same as of now) where one can test one’s own ability and develop a vision for their passion to build.